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The world largest Mangrove forests. The name Sundarban’s means beautiful forest and it is believed to be derived from a large Mangrove tree `Sundari` (HERITIERA FOMES). Sundarban’s forest the only mangrove tiger land of India, is situated in the extreme south of West Bengal in the vicinity Bay of Bengal. Three great rivers the Ganges, Meghna & Brahmaputra meet to create world largest delta.

Sundarbans are world famous for Royal Bengal Tiger which are also notorious as man-eaters (most clever tiger in the world ) these forests, providing natural habitat to the largest number of Indian Tigers in the world. It is also the home to eclectic plethora of fauna which includes the largest Delta inhabitant Crocodiles, Dolphins. Lizards. Pythons, King Cobras and the Olive Ridley.

Sundarban National Park is a world Heritage Site since 1987 by IUCN. It is part of the sundarban boisphire reserve established by UNESCO in 1980.
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